BrookHouse International School (BIS) is a kindergarten school which offers a full programme of Early Childhood Education to children of age group between 2-5.5 years from all nationalities regardless of race or religious beliefs. The education offered is characterized by learn through play progrmmes in all learning stages which includes observation, exploration and experimentation creative activities, all taking place in a stimulating and nurturing environment.

We guide our pupils to behave in accepted manners and encourage them to respect their peers' different cultures, ideas and religious beliefs. We insist on persistence of these manners beyond the confines of the school. We provide stimulating, interesting and enjoyable academic programs that will instill in pupils the desire to learn. We emphasize on the spirit of competition and willingness to strive for best achievements.

We consider self-discipline to be important aspect of learning and that independence should be part of the growing process of our pupils.Pupils are encouraged to show self reliance, growth in imagination, curiosity, honest, adaptability, self discovery and assumption of responsibilities. We are committed to model and nurture qualities such as curiosity, honest, adaptability, resourcefulness, self-esteem, creativity and self discipline. We adequately prepare our pupils to cope with challenges of rapidly changing world.

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